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LJ Smith Challenge 100

LJ Smith 100 ficlet challenge

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LJ Smith Fan Fiction

Welcome to ljschallenge100, a fanfiction challenge based on the works of author LJ Smith! ljschallenge100 is a 100 drabble/ficlet prompt-driven challenge with no deadline. The prompts may be found here. I will be your maintainer, inabsentialuci. ljschallenge100 was orginally created by sorceressgirl.

[x] You must be a member of this community to post
[x] All drabbles/ficlets must be based on the books of LJ Smith. This does not include the television version of The Vampire Diaries.
[x] Once you've completed your claim, please comment at the Hall of Fame post, so that you may be recognized for all your hard work!

[x]You are allowed to write on any subject, as long as it concerns LJ Smith's books. Generally, this will be a character, but you may also claim a pairing, a series, or groups of people (for example, the girls of the Circle from The Secret Circle).
[x]At this time, there are two prompt tables. The first prompt table is what every author must begin with. However, if you finish a claim, you have the option of writing for the second prompt table.
[x]Always post the following header with your stories (html can be found here):
Word count:
[x]You may post stories of any rating for this challenge, however any adult material MUST BE HOSTED OFFSITE and linked to this community. Make sure to rate your fics with the MPAA rating system of G - NC-17 and when in doubt, rate it higher rather than lower. Please make sure that anything that might be considered offensive is listed in the "additional notes" section of the header.
[x]All fic must be new and written for this challenge.
[x]You will be asked to provide a completed prompts table to the Hall of Fame once you are finished with your claim. You can find the html for the tables here.

The prompt tables may be found here, along with the html for them so that you can post them to your own journal if you wish. Please note that you will be asked to provide a completed prompt table for the Hall of Fame.

Below you will find buttons for all of our current and completed claims. If you're only here to read, or if you'd like to get a better idea of what the challenge consists of, simply click on any of the buttons. Each one will take you to that claim's tagged entries.

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