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02 August 2009 @ 12:40 am
Julian means srs bsns!!  

Okay, guys- another mod! post...

So, I've been thinking. A lot. First off, thank you to those of you who voted in our last poll! I'm so glad to see the feedback. I know a lot of mods who really couldn't care less about what their members want, but I really want this to be our comm- not mine. However, I was REALLY disheartened to see that of those who participated in the poll, only one (*coughwhowasn'tthemodcough*) was currently claiming a character. And since the point of the poll was kind of to see how to encourage those who were writing claims, that made very little sense to me. So, like I said, I've been thinking...

What would you guys think about changing the format of the community? It would be drastic, I realize, but something needs to be done to revitalize things around here. I was thinking something similar to what's being (or what was being done- I haven't watched the comm for a while) at robinhoodbbc100. Instead of members claiming one character or one scenario and writing 100 drabbles on that claim, there would be a set of prompts every week, and then entries could be submitted. The "100" comes in because every entry has to be exactly 100 words- a true drabble. A sample week's prompts would look somthing like this (I haven't worked out exactly what the four different types of prompts would be, but something similar):

A. Use Kelly Clarkson titles for inspiration.
B. Use the word belong.
C. Use these lyrics for inspiration:
Well in war he was a tiger
When it was over like a dove
He summoned all of his strength in the climb
It suffered all of his strength in the fall

And sometimes when he got into fighting
Man he could fight with you all day long
He was a good man and now he's gone

~M. Ward – Requiem
D. Write a missing scene or epilogue for any book from the Dark Visions series.

It would be up to you guys, then, whether you would want the weekly submissions to be a competition like an icon contest or just writing to write. I see no problem running both this kind of program along with the original claims list if anyone still wanted to do that as well. I'm open to ALL of your comments and ideas, so PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know! And, of course, a poll. 'Cause ticky boxes are fun.

Please participate in the poll- ESPECIALLY! if you currently have a claim! If you don't vote in the poll, and the poll establishes that most members of the community want to go with the new format and abolish the claims, you're screwed! I WILL give more say as far as claims go to those who already have them, but we need to do something. This comm is dead, and with the popularity of the LJ Smith's books these days, that's just not acceptable!

Your Obedient Servant,

Poll #1438467 Format Change

The format of LJSChallenge100 should be:

Just what it always has been- claims & 100 drabbles
Weekly prompts like the example you gave
Mostly the weekly prompts, but let people also claim stuff if they want
Ticky box!

True or false: I would be more likely to delurk and actually write something if I didn't have to write 100 drabbles in order to get posting access here.

Ticky box!

True or false: Mary (your mod) thinks about this stuff far too much and needs a life.

Will there be Mod's Choice if there are prizes for these drabbles?
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