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23 March 2009 @ 08:40 pm

Title: Addicted
Rating: G
Word count: 112
Series: Night World
Claim: Mary-Lynnette Carter
Prompt: Obsession
Summary: Jade should never have been allowed near the Soap channel…

It was a dark day when Jade Redfern found the soap channel.   Mary-Lynnette had had to stifle a laugh when she and Ash (who had openly smirked) had walked into the old living room of the Redfern’s deceased aunt to find an enthralled Jade’s eyes glued to the television screen while a devoted - and bored - Mark stared at his girlfriend instead of the television screen. Jade never should have been allowed to near Beverly Hills, 90210 (or The O.C. for that matter). 
Ash hadn’t been smirking the next day when he found his soul mate joining Jade on the couch, an intrigued spark in her eyes as Grey’s Anatomy started.



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