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23 March 2009 @ 08:36 pm


Title: I’ve Been Dreaming of a Clear Christmas
Rating: G
Word count: 133
Series: Night World
Claim: Mary-Lynnette Carter
Prompt: Winter
Summary: Mary Lynnette does not like the snow.
Notes: I wrote this around Christmas but forgot to post it… So here it is now!

Winters in Briar’s Creek were always white; an overwhelming and blinding mass of pure white snow. To some it might have been beautiful and miraculous occurrence.  To Mary-Lynnette, it was that white slush that ruined her view of the night sky and its stars. Some people dreamed of white Christmases. Mary-Lynnette on the other hand, detested them. 
She remembered when she had gotten her first real telescope. It had been all that she had wanted to see under the Christmas tree (Mark had, of course, thought that she was nuts). On Christmas day, she hadn’t been disappointed by the large and festively wrapped box. Well, she hadn’t been disappointed until she realized that she’d have to wait until the snow melted and the sky cleared until she could actually use it. Mary-Lynnette hated the Winter.

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